A Huge Thank you to Henry Wilson

P1000784 We couldn’t embark on this year’s Course without a note of huge thanks to Henry Wilson, who has stepped down from the role of Chairman of the Organising Committee, a post he had held for nearly twenty years.
The Organising Committee was formed in 1996, after the sad passing of Dick
White. Dick had virtually run the John Edgar Trust for a number of years, and it was decided that his role would be best divided over two committees: The Trustees and the Organising Committee. Henry was immediately installed as Organising Committee Chairman, where he reigned supreme until last year, apart from a small interregnum when we allowed him a year off.
During his time in the Chair, not only has Henry ensured that each course runs
smoothly, but he has also developed and updated the website to keep us up tophoto-5
date with the digital world.
I have taken over as Organising Committee Chairman and, together with my
fine committee around me, we realise what a super job Henry has been doing
all these years. We aim to propose the budget for the course to the Trustees,
and once approved we go in search of our applicants for the year’s course.
Henry has been a master at highlighting the course in all sorts of circles in
various counties across the South, to attract very worthy applicants from
suitable backgrounds, different parts of the world of agriculture and at varying
stages of career development. He has always successfully presented to the
course Lead Tutor a healthy brood, a squad from which the Interviewing
Panel can select the final Scholars for the year.
Henry has always made it look easy: he has encouraged the committee to join him on the publicity trail; he has expressed his digital creativity with the website, coupled with his fine sense of order to ensure the application form has to be completed within the pdf format, so we keep the regular appearance.
I expect he relinquishes his post with mixed feelings: he probably misses itIMAG1860
dreadfully, as we suspected that his dedication to the John Edgar Trust had become a hybrid of mission and hobby. We hope we can do justice to the organisation that he has created, and to the success he has made the norm.
Thank you, Henry, very much for the many years of service to the
Organising Committee, we wish you many more years of overseeing the
Committee from the Trustees’ viewpoint.
Dick Hall

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