The Course

The aim of the training course is to develop an individual’s skills and abilities to enable him or her to become a more effective asset at work, and through that to the rural sector as a whole.

Working on a case study

Working on a case study

The 2018/2019 training is residential and involves:

  • a five-day tutored course at the RAU, Cirencester
  • a four-day project-based case study module based at the RAU, Cirencester
  • a second four-day project-based case study module based at a Hampshire Hotel
  • 2018/19 module dates are 7th – 11th January, 28th – 31st January and 25th – 28th February

Topics to be covered include:

  • Managing people
  • Business Practice, taxation and law
  • Media management
  • Leadership, personal and organisational

The Course is sponsored by the Trust, but participants will be asked to make a contribution of £500 towards the cost of their training. This represents a small proportion of the total costs. Bursaries are available at the discretion of the Trustees for individuals who might be unable to pay this charge.

Participants may be asked to contribute to expenses for some of the ancillary activities and are asked to support the aims and activities of the Trust in the future.

More details are available on the Course Topics page, and the Course has featured in Farmers Weekly articles in 2008 and 2010
An information sheet is available to download


James Jones

James Jones

The lead tutor is Dr James Jones. James has been running the course since 2002. This was originally in tandem with his colleague from the Royal Agricultural University, Professor John Alliston. James is an agricultural economist and farm management expert. He is a consultant and a practical farmer running his own 200 hectare farm on the coast of South Devon. James will be assisted in tutoring the course by staff from the Royal Agricultural University and others including JET Alumni. A range of academics, experts, professionals and leaders from inside and outside the industry will also contribute to the training.



The 2014/15 JET Scholars

Comments from 2014/15 Scholars

“The John Edgar Trust is much more than just a management course. The course showed me my strengths and how best to use them, but more importantly, isolated my weak points and helped me improve them.  I took things home straight away and in three very short intense weeks made lifelong friends.  I cannot recommend the John Edgar Trust Course highly enough.” 

” The JET course exposed a fairly hardened 35 year old to some incredible mentors and tutors and is unrivalled by my other experiences. Through hard work and a brilliant course structure, I was stripped down and put back together again in the right order to tackle my career in the agricultural sector.”

“During my time on the John Edgar programme I was amazed by the diversity of both the farm visits and my fellow scholars. Seeing how different people assessed opportunities and risks has given me a much wider understanding of the rural world. This now means I can make better decisions and also have improved my skills when approaching others on controversial issues, a key part of my job as a farm management consultant”

On a farm visit

On a farm visit

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